Cold Steel Swift II Spring Assisted


Cold Steel is a name synonymous with fantastic knives.  However, they have not dabbled too much when it comes to spring assisted.  When a company as impressive as Cold Steel starts making a new type of knife, you should take notice.  It can always go one of 2 ways.  It can either shatter expectations or fall short. The Cold Steel Swift II spring assisted is a … Continue reading

Knife Laws: Travel


Tomorrow marks a very important day of remembrance in the United States.  We should all be talking a moment to remember and honor the lives lost on 9/11. Each time this date rolls around, it really gets me thinking.  The events of 9/11 severely impacted flight travel all over the world.  Immediately the TSA outlawed a number of items from flying in a commercial aircraft.  … Continue reading



  When it comes to taking care of your spring assisted knives, you want make sure you are using the best quality stuff.  Off brand, or cheaply made stuff can damage you knife.  And in the case of spring assisted, it can jam up the spring, or cause it to underperform.  It can be a little nerve wracking to purchase a lubricant for you knife … Continue reading

Kershaw Amplitude 3.25


Here at BladeHQ we recently got in a shipment of some pretty sleek spring assisted knives, and I just couldn’t wait to tell all of you about it. Kershaw is a name that is synonymous with quality, design and durability, and this knife is no different.  The Kershaw Amplitude 3.25 Spring Assisted caught my eye immediately.  Its spear point blade and stainless steel handle both … Continue reading

Pro-Tech Warenski Ultimate Godfather


  Hey there spring assisted fans.  In case you haven’t been keeping updated (come on though, who hasn’t), the 2015 blade show was last weekend in Atlanta.  It was awesome, so many cool knives in one spot.  At the end of the show, they do an awards ceremony, including categories like Overall Knife of the Year, and Imported Knife of the Year, things like that.  … Continue reading

Master Cutlery Knives


Every so often you come across a knife brand that makes you stop and take notice.  Whether it’s their unique designs, quality made knife, or just something that makes it stand out.  In this case, that would be Master Cutlery Knives.  If you decide to browse their great selection of spring assisted knives, you are going to notice they have some very unique, fun knives, … Continue reading

Tiger USA .40 Cal Spring Assisted


Sometimes, all you want is a fun, interesting knife.  Something to slate that thirst for knives between bigger knife purchases.  A good conversation starter.  Something affordable, and fun to look at.  The Tiger USA .40 Cal is exactly that kind of knife and more.  Costing only $14.99, this fun knife is a steal.  Perfect for someone looking to add a unique novelty item to their … Continue reading

The Best Knives 2014 Gave Us

You knife addicts out there probably don’t need someone to tell you that SHOT Show is happening this month because you’ve already been looking forward to it since last January. For those of you who might not be as familiar with SHOT Show, allow me to enlighten you. SHOT Show is a glorious event that takes place every January. Knife makers (among others) go there to display the new product they’ll be releasing over the course of the year, and buyers and knife enthusiasts get to come and drool over the product they have to look forward to. You can think of it as a second Christmas for knife addicts. With SHOT Show 2015 practically upon us, I thought it might be a good idea to highlight the spring assisted knives that came out this year in honor of the year 2014. Take a look at a sampling of the best knives 2014 gave us:


SOG Boot Camp


This 2014 knife comes in both a mini size and a full size. The mini version totals 7.275 inches in length with a 3.25-inch blade, while the full-size version totals 8.60 inches with a 3.75-inch blade. One thing that’s pretty awesome about this SOG is that it has a groove toward the base of the handle that you can use to cut cord, seatbelts, or anything else you need cut. (The SOG Trident pictured below features the groove, as well.)


SOG Trident Elite


The Trident Elite is great for everyday carry, partially because it’s also a great emergency tool; it sports a slot cutter (found in the groove near the base of the handle) and a glass breaker to help you get out of tight situations. Also, because it’s a spring assisted knife, you can have this knife out and ready to use in the blink of an eye.


H&K P30 Assisted Opening Knife


Interestingly enough, it looks like this model hasn’t been released yet, so perhaps it will also technically be new for 2015. I don’t know much about guns, but I hear this knife is patterned after the H&K P30 handgun—that’s how you know it’s a solid knife. It has super speedy assisted action (appropriate for a knife named after a handgun) and totals 6.75 inches in length with a 2.95-inch blade.


CRKT Steigerwalt Incendor


This CRKT is a Ken Steigerwalt design. It’s a pretty affordable knife that is great for everyday carry. Overall, it totals 6.94 inches and has a 2.96-inch blade. The knife also has a Fire Safe lock to prevent accidental blade deployment, which is always a plus.



This post doesn’t include all of the spring assisted knives that were released in 2014, but it should give you a small sampling of what the best knives 2014 brought to the table were as far as spring assisted knives go. What was your favorite spring assisted knife from 2014?

I hope you’re getting super pumped about all of the new stuff that will be coming out in 2015! Be sure to check back for updates on SHOT Show 2015!


Knife Gift Ideas for the Holidays


Christmas is just three weeks from today! That means it’s time to get on your holiday shopping, especially if you’re planning on buying anything online for your friends or loved ones. No one wants to order a present online only to have it arrive after all the holiday festivities are over, so do all your online shopping early! If you’re having trouble getting started with … Continue reading