Spring Assisted Knives At Shot Show


Shot show is just barely over 3 days away, and we could not be more excited!   For those of you who don’t know what shot show is, allow me to enlighten you.  Shot show is a convention held every year, where knife makers (among others) come to showcase the new and exciting stuff they will be releasing.  It’s an opportunity for all of us to get a first look at the stuff we have been hearing rumors about!

For those of you who love all things spring assisted, this is an opportunity to see the stuff we are all looking forward to.  We know for sure Benchmade will be there (Located at booth 10357, for those of you going) but what we don’t know is what they will be showcasing.  They have kept a pretty tight lid on things so far, so come Tuesday we may be in for some surprises.

At this point, we are hoping they bring the Barrage Axis-assist knife.  Pre-orders are currently open for this eagerly anticipated new spring assisted, and while it still has the proven design of the barrage, this model looks to only improve upon it.   We are hoping the Benchmade booth has one of these sweet knives we can get a closer look at!

We also know that Kershaw will be there but, like Benchmade, they are being relatively secretive with what they are offering.  Last year they brought 3 different, new autos, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that this year they bring something spring assisted.  We are still kind of in love with the Cryo, so we are holding out for something similar.  It may be a long shot, but hey, it’s Shot Show, so who knows what could happen!

These are just 2 of the knife retailers who are going to be present at this year’s Shot show,  but make no mistake, there will be plenty, including Boker, Buck, Gerber, Spyderco and Microtech just to name a few!

Check back next week as we will be bringing you as much info as we can, live from the show!   What are you hoping pops up at Shot Show this year?  Let us know in the comments below!   Are you lucky enough to be going to Shot Show?  Share pictures and news with us as well!

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Limited Edition Benchmade Mini Barrage – New for 2014

Benchmade Mini Barrage Black/Green

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The Top 7 Spring Assisted Knives by Benchmade


Spring assisted knives are a great choice if you live in an area that has restrictions on fully automatic knives. Because you have to use your finger to activate the blade rather than a firing button, they are not considered full automatics. Some of the best spring assisted knives are made by Benchmade. Benchmade is known for their high quality automatics and folding knives but they also have a few impressive spring assisted models available for sale.

The Best of Benchmade Spring Assisted Knives

Nitrous Stryker Mini-Barrage Torrent Subrosa Barrage 581 Aphid Emissary

Benchmade 913SD2 Nitrous Stryker Spring Assisted Knife (3.7" Satin Serr)

Nitrous Stryker


This first knife on the list is the Benchmade Nitrous Stryker. This unique version of the Stryker knife features the Nitrous Assist mechanism. The spring is actuated by moving the blade out slightly with your hand or the thumb stud. This will forcefully fire the blade into locked position. Benchmade equipped this knife with a modified titanium liner lock frame, G-10 handle scales, thicker liners and thumb studs for easy use. The Nitrous Stryker is a little harder to find than other Benchmades but its unique design and powerful spring action make it a great choice.


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Benchmade Warn 587-1 Mini-Barrage Knife Spring Assist Tanto (Satin PLN)

Warn Mini-Barrage


The Benchmade Warn Mini Barrage is the perfect size for an EDC knife and it comes equipped with a powerful spring assist mechanism. Benchmade teamed up with Warn Industries to create a knife that combines speed and strength into one easy to carry knife. This knife includes a safety switch on the back and a fully reversible clip. Benchmade and Warn products are known for their durability and strength and this is reflected in the Mini Barrage.


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Benchmade 890BK Torrent Spring Assist Knife (Black / PLN)



The Benchmade Torrent is a slim, light knife that makes for the perfect EDC spring assisted knife. This knife is a special design by Ken Steigerwalt that has a streamlined look and amazing spring action. You just have to slightly nudge the thumb stud to activate the Nitrous spring assisted system and lock the blade into place. The torrent comes equipped with G-10 handles, steel liner locks, lanyard hold, and an extended pocket clip for deep pocket carrying. If you’re looking for something small and lightweight that still has a lot of power, the Benchmade Torrent is a great choice.


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Benchmade 790 Subrosa Titanium Knife Spring Assist Monolock (Satin / PLN)



The Benchmade Subrosa is the first titanium monolock that Benchmade has released with a spring assist feature. Like other Benchmade models it is equipped with the Nitrous spring assisted feature that will require the lightest touch to spring the blade into place. The handles are made of machined titanium that makes the knife extremely strong but not too heavy. The knife also has a thumb stud for quick release, S30v stainless steel blade and a steel clip. The Benchmade Subrosa has a unique design that makes it a great choice for collectors and a flawless construction that makes it a good choice for everyday use.


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Benchmade Barrage 581 Knife Spring Assist Axis G10 Handle (3.6" Satin Plain)

Barrage 581


The 581 version of the Benchmade Barrage has some special additions that make it stand apart from other Barrage models. This model features a combo G-10/ Aluminum handle with a new M390 super steel blade. It comes with a safety on the back of the knife, Axis-Lock, spring assist mechanism, ambidextrous thumb studs and a fully reversible pocket clip that makes for easy carrying. The Benchmade Barrage is a beautiful knife that is powerful and comfortable to carry.


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Benchmade Aphid Spring Assisted Knife 340 (2.38" Satin Plain)



The Benchmade Aphid is a small lightweight knife with a powerful spring assist feature. This knife is equipped with the Benchmade Optimiser Assist mechanism. It has a locking liner and a 440C stainless steel blade. The slim Valox handles make the knife very light and easy carry. It also comes with an ambidextrous thumb stud and a reversible pocket clip. This is a great choice for anybody looking for a every day carry knife that can still spring quickly into action when necessary.


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Benchmade 470 Emissary Knife Axis Spring Assist (3" Satin Plain)


One of the best all around spring assisted knives is the Benchmade Emissary. It has a beautiful streamlined design and a compact, smooth firing action. This one of a kind knife comes equipped with a S30V steel blade, reversible tip up pocket clip, safety lock and ambidextrous thumb studs for quick opening. The handle is made of an aluminum alloy that is strong without being to heavy. The Emissary combines all of the best features of spring assisted and EDC knives into one small convenient package.


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No matter which spring assisted knife you choose you will always get the highest quality from Benchmade spring assisted knives. This includes knife design, construction, materials and most importantly functionality. In addition to all of this you will also get Benchmade’s lifetime warranty in case any issues arise with your knife. These things make Benchmade one of the best brands out there for spring assisted or any other type of knife. At Bladehq you can find all the best Benchmade spring assisted knives available.

Which is your favorite Benchmade Spring Assist?

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