Zero Tolerance 0770

I don’t think I’ve met a knife enthusiast who doesn’t like Zero Tolerance. Zero Tolerance knives are extremely tough and functional, and when you pair that with a great design, you’ve got yourself a pretty amazing blade. While I’d say that ZT makes more manual folding knives than anything else, the company also makes some really great spring assisted knives. Some of them you’ve already … Continue reading

New! – Zero Tolerance 0300 BW

  This knife might look familiar to you, and it should. This knife has most of the same specifications as the original 0300 with the exception of one very cool addition—the blackwashed blade. I knew what “stonewashed” meant, but I’m not going to lie; I was a little mystified as to what blackwashing involved. Here’s what I learned from Zero Tolerance’s website: “To make a … Continue reading

Zero Tolerance Spring Assisted Knives

Zero Tolerance spring assisted knives are very high quality, and because of that, they can be a little more expensive. While there are cheaper brands out there, a ZT is a great option if you want a spring assisted knife that’s going to be high quality, sturdy, and dependable. Here’s a look at two Zero Tolerance knives that are great options if you’re in the … Continue reading