New for 2014: SOG Zoom

SOG had quite a bit of new product at SHOT Show for 2014. One of the company’s new spring assisted knives for this year is the SOG Zoom:

sog-zoom-satin-zm1011-cp-2The Zoom is pretty similar in appearance to the SOG Tac, particularly in regard to the shape and material of the handle (aluminum). The Zoom also has the addition of a smaller index groove for added control. It has an overall length of 8.30 inches and a 3.6-inch AUS-8 blade. With its light weight (4 oz.) and slim makeup, the SOG Zoom actually makes for a really nice everyday carry. The spring-assisted action is excellent, and the safety switch ensures the blade won’t fire until you want it to.

The SOG Zoom does come in a mini version for those who crave a smaller blade. The Zoom Mini is 7.30 inches overall and weighs 3.70 ounces. So, it’s one inch shorter and 0.30 ounces lighter than the original version.

The larger Zoom is available with a satin plain and black plain blade, and the mini version is also available with a satin plain and black plain blade.

The SOG Zoom is coming out this year, and it will be available at Blade HQ! If you want to be notified as soon as it’s in stock, go to the web page of the specific Zoom you want, and click the “Email Me” button in the price box. As soon as the knife you want is in stock, you’ll get an email letting you know it’s here.

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