Spring Assisted / Automatic Smack Down: What are the benefits of a spring assisted knife?












Automatic knives are cool, no doubt about it; with one in hand, you wield a lot of power with the simple push of a button. While there’s a time and a place for automatic knives, there are just as many, if not more, benefits to spring assisted knives.

One benefit to having a spring assisted knife is that they are legal in most areas, even where automatics are restricted. So, there are more places you can carry your spring assisted knife without worrying about breaking rules. A spring assisted knife is a license to a peace of mind.

Additionally, spring assisted knives are less likely to have parts that break than automatic knives. With an automatic knife, the spring is under strain the entire time the knife is closed. Because of the constant strain put on the spring, it is susceptible to breaking. If the spring does break, there’s not much you can do with the knife since the spring is key in deploying the blade. However, if the spring breaks in your automatic knife, most (but not all) manufacturers can replace the spring for you.

In  a spring assisted knife, the spring experiences tension only when the blade is deployed. The remainder of the time, the spring is relaxed and not in use. This means its spring is much less likely to break than a spring found in any given automatic. In the event that a spring in a spring assisted knife does fail, all is not lost; the knife can still be opened by a thumb stud or flipper.

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