Iconic Knives: Spring Assisted Style

On the main blog I update—the Knife Blog—I did a post on the most iconic knives. There were a lot of historical knives included in addition to iconic knives from specific brands. For this blog though, I wanted to include knives that are iconic of the spring-assisted branch of the knife world.

I didn’t do a full-on survey, but I asked some trusted employees at Blade HQ what knives they think of when they hear the words “spring assisted knife.”

Everyone’s answers were either from Kershaw or from Zero Tolerance, so if you think about it, I guess Kershaw and ZT are the iconic brands for spring assisted knives. Here are the knives they chose and a little bit about them.


Spring Assisted Iconic Knives

Kershaw Leek

Kershaw Leek

The Kershaw Leek isn’t just a popular spring assisted knife; it’s also the most iconic Kershaw knife in general (according to a survey we posted on Blade HQ’s Facebook page a week ago).  The knife is designed by Ken Onion, and it has a lot of things going for it. For example, it’s the ideal size for everyday carry (about 7 inches long overall with a 3-inch blade).

There are a ton of different Leeks available, so you’re going to find slight variation between the different Leek models. For example, some of the Leeks have a liner lock while others feature a frame lock. It’s also available in lots of different colors, so between the different color options and the two different locking mechanisms, you’ve got quite a bit of say in how your Leek looks and functions.

Last but not least, it also has Kershaw’s SpeedSafe mechanism which we all know rocks. The SpeedSafe mechanism is fast, dependable, and lots of fun to use.


Kershaw Cryo

Kershaw Cryo

The Kershaw Cryo, for me, is the knife that comes to mind when I think of Kershaw. It’s a really amazing bang for your buck, which is always a plus. You get a lot of quality and functionality out of the Cryo for a great price, and it’s a Rick Hinderer design.

This knife is another great option for everyday carry, and it comes in two sizes: the Cryo (6.5 inches long with a 2.75-inch blade) and the Cryo II (7.75 inches long with a 3.25-inch blade).


Zero Tolerance 0566


According to our survey, the Zero Tolerance 0560 is Zero Tolerance’s most iconic knife. The 0566 just so happens to be a slightly smaller version of the 0560 (7.70 inches long with a 3.25-inch blade compared to the 0560’s 8.75-inch length and 3.75-inch blade).

The 0566 is another great Hinderer design and it’s made in the USA. It has a frame lock and can be deployed with spring assisted action via either the flipper or thumb studs.

Zero tolerance knives are amazing because they’re rugged and can handle a lot. When you have a rugged knife combined with spring assisted action, you’ve got yourself a winner.


Kershaw Scallion


The Kershaw Scallion is a pretty compact knife. It’s just 5.875 inches long and has a blade that totals 2.25 inches in length. It has Kershaw’s SpeedSafe opening mechanism and while it’s great for everyday carry, it’s also great for hiking because it’s compact and lightweight. Like the Leek, it’s available in lots of colors so you’re sure to find the right color for you.


Kershaw makes great spring assisted knives, as evidenced by this list of iconic spring assisted knives. What spring assisted knife is iconic for you?

If you’re in the market for a new spring assisted knife, be sure to head on over to Blade HQ where there’s a great selection of assisted opening knives.

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