Care and Maintenance for Spring Assisted Knives

 Care and Maintenance for Spring Assisted Knives


Clean your knife regularly to keep it free from dust, dirt and other debris. The pivot area is the most important part to clean. You can use a cotton swab or soft knife care cloth to clear away most of the grime, and a can of compressed air may help with hard to reach spots. Don’t take your knife apart for cleaning – they can be hard to reassemble. If you’re determined to open it for cleaning, check with the manufacturer first to find out whether or not this will void the warranty.


Properly lubricating your spring assisted knife will ensure that it fires quickly and correctly every time. Use a light lube that is made for metal. You can use either a “wet” or a “dry” lubricant. Dry lubes won’t attract as much dust and can be easier to work with than wet lubes, but usually cost more. We recommend either Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide (dry), or Benchmade Blue Lube (wet).

 With the knife open, put a tiny drop on each side of blade at the pivot point on the spine, then open and close a few times to get the oil moving around. With the knife closed, put a tiny drop on each side of the blade at the pivot point on the top of knife, then open and close as before. Wipe away any excess oil with a soft cloth. Next you’ll want to oil the blade. This will protect it and prevent the metal from pitting and rusting. Put a drop on the front of the blade, and rub the oil into the blade with a soft cloth, being careful at the sharp edge. Wipe off any excess. Repeat with back of blade.

 Adjust Screws

Every time you clean and lube your knife, you should also adjust all of the screws. Tighten all the body screws, including pocket clip screws, using the appropriate tool: torx driver, allen/hex wrench, or regular screw drivers. You may need to adjust the pivot screw from time to time. Loosen or tighten it ¼ turn at a time, making small adjustments for precise movement.


Sharpen your knife as soon as it takes any extra effort to make a cut. Use a sharpening system for the best results. We recommend the Spyderco Sharp-Maker, which comes with an instructional DVD to help you get the best edge.

By Amanda Carbajal

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